Practical and economical solutions. You want to have a home sooner? We offer you a solution – ready portable houses. We produce the desired house within 15 days, deliver and install the ready house at your location within one day, at extremely reasonable prices for you. The only necessary condition for installation of the house is a flat surface, on which to be inserted. You don`t engage with anything else – just specify the desired model and we immediately will deliver and install it. You like variety and after a while you want to move your house elsewhere? The houses are easily assembled and disassembled, which makes them extremely comfortable to move. We offer developed system, highly resistant to earthquakes. Let you acquire fast with prepared house. Practical solution
Exterior View Multifunction, modern and contemporary models with different visions that you could use for a long time at very attractive prices.
Interior view We offer you different house models, equipped with kitchen, toilet and shower, that you could furnish by yourself. You can choose from our standard models, or you can specify the dimensions of the rooms and bathroom..
Different house models For more detailed information relating to the houses, click on the button below. Choose your house model
 Lieder in the production More than 35 years of experience and more than 30 000 clients, we are producing houses with long life at the best possible prices. We apply our experience and skills in each product.  Production according to international standards Our products are exposed in a closed space 12 000 sq.m and showrooms area of 35 000 sq.m. When visit our showrooms, you might look at different products.

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