Metal constructions and halls

Profiles for metal constructions can be of different profiles of your choice. Overall dimensions of construction can also be sized to the client.

Metal constructions can be disassembled quickly and easily. All you need to do is to make  concrete steps or concrete foundation.

Metal construction is multifunctional, it can be coated with sandwich panel galvanized sheet metal or other material.







Choice of metal hall or metal construction

According to customer requirements, we can make metal construction with different sizes, shapes and designs. Installation can be performed by the customer or by our company.

Metal construction can be mounted on a comprehensive foundation or on concrete steps

Walls can be of sandwich panel or sheet metal, at your request can be of canvas or other material

The roof can be a sandwich panel or sheet metal, at your request can be of canvas or other material. Can be a single slop or gable.


The metal construction can be of different thicknesses, can be used heavy or light structures

The dimensions of the metal construction can be to your choice


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