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контейнера цена и цени

Based on our long experience, we offer products with long life at reasonable prices. Galvanized steel structure, choice of sandwich panels 4 or 8 cm high quality electrical installation, LED lighting, waterproof laminate.


You can select the most appropriate for your goals product from our standard models. We could make the desired change of the model.





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Standard containers with a height of 250 cm, as desired the size can be 300 cm. The width is 240 cm or 300 cm. The length can be 400 cm / 500 cm / 600 cm / 700 cm / 800 cm. the maximum length of containers is 1200 cm.

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For your convenience and ours, you can make a sample drawing, which you send to our sales managers.

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Vitalbox Bulgaria

Latest technology in manufacturing of galvanized stainless steel containers.


The containers are made of galvanized steel structure. Durability of standard floor is 200 kg / m². Standard wall insulation is 4 cm or 8 cm special sandwich panel, both painted in RAL 9002; the containers are supply with 4 chamber Austrian PVC. In a standard container size 240 cm x 600 cm there are two sockets, fuse panel, switchboard systems and LED lamps. In bathrooms  - tiled flooring. In the toilet and in the bathroom are included a sink, mirror, shower tray and monoblock. The dimensions of standard kitchen is 80 cm x 50 cm x 100 cm and includes a wash basin, and two cabinets - upper and lower.

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We offer a variety of features. Under each product there is a code - number written in red as NO: 21. It is sufficient to say the product code to our sales manager and it will be added to the product. Note: the price of each additional product is added to the final value of the selected model.

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