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Two slope tents

650g. Polyester canvas. High quality metal painted frame. Mineral wool insulation. Wide internal space.


Dimentions can be standart or according to the client.



The dimentions of the doors of your choice

Tents can be supplied with or without insulation

A wide variety of colors and types of canvas

Standard width or your choice

Standard height or your choice

Standard length or your choice

Tent models




The tents are made of high quality materials

Standard tents are covered with 650 g. / m2 high quality polyester canvas. Under the canvas - mineral wool insulation. The metal structure is attached to the ground using dowels or reinforcing rods. Metal construction is very high quality, painted, mounted with bolts and high quality ropes.

Multifunction tents.

The tents are practical and convenient solution for warehouses, bedrooms, canteens. By your choice, the doors may be with other dimensions. The assembly and dismantling of standard tents not used crane. Tents are easy for transportation.


Choose your tent size.

Width, length and height of the tents are chosen by the customer. Sample drawing that appears is for storage. According to customer requirements, the size of the tent and the doors can be changed.

Exemplary drawing is for football field. According to customer requirements, the dimensions of tent and doors can be changed. Tents can be designed for tennis court, ice rink or different sports centres.

Door - metal or polyester canvas

Metal construction

Internal canvas

Between the two layers of canvas - insulation

External canvas


The pictures on our site are updated every month and while browsing around the different products you can see more than 1000 images of sites built by us commissioned by the clients. Rights to all photos reserved. In case be downloaded from our website and used on other sites without our permission, our company will take legal action. Thank you for your interest.

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Easy assembly and disassembly, wide interior space.


Tents have more interior space and can be used for storage or depending on customer needs. Due to the insulation immediately feel the difference with the outside temperature. The lower picture shows the internal view of the already mounted tent. At the first, we place the metal structure, then the insulation of mineral wool and cover the top with polyester canvas. Tents have installed ventilation system.

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